Tiled Roof Sunrooms

Sunrooms are becoming more and more popular with homeowners looking to add a stylish living area to their homes.  A contemporary looking, solid-roofed extension, they bring extra space, light and views to your home, along with a ‘room-like’ feel.

These buildings combine a conservatory and extension in one and because of their construction, they can be built and installed relatively quickly. 

Sunrooms often use interconnecting doors to extend an existing living space and benefit from continuous, panoramic windows rather than walls. 

They maximise the amount of natural light flooding into a room while still providing the feeling of a solid, enclosed space under a fully-tiled roof.

The design will both complement and add character to your home, and can be further enhanced by adding dramatic bi-fold doors.

In addition, you can opt for a totally solid roof or, depending on the roof pitch, you can add a variety of roof windows or glazing options for extra light and ventilation. 

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