Garden Rooms

The Perfect, Inspiring Outdoor Space in your Garden

If you can’t afford the house move but you desperately need extra space why not consider a room in the garden? If you think about all the stress created by selling and buying a property just for the sake of gaining an extra room, is it all worth it all when you could have a specially designed room in your garden for a fraction of the cost without any of the hassle of moving house. A room which is lined, insulated, double glazed and is heated when it is cold and keeps you cool in the summer. When this option is available it definitely begs the question "Why bother moving"?

We have plenty of extras available so why not consider Skylights to maximise light or choose to add toilet facilities or a kitchenette for complete convenience. Imagine a stylish separate room standing in your garden which would help you escape from the house and have your own little hideaway.

Lots of people opt for a “Garden Office” where they can work in peace in their own little sanctuary away from the office by working at home.

Very often your garden room will be a planning permission free project, however if you do require planning permission we will do this for you as part of our service. 

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