French Doors

A French door is a door that has glass panels extending its full length and can be designed around your own individual tastes and carefully planned to compliment the existing decor of your house.

French doors are traditionally hinged double doors which mainly open outwards, (or inwards by design).

When the doors are open you have full access to the width of the opening into which they are installed. However, you are constrained by the maximum leaf size which is generally approx. 900mm/leaf. So a maximum opening width, with both doors open, is approximately 1800mm wide.

Having access to the full width of the opening at smaller sizes is great for access particularly into smaller properties, or smaller gardens where space internally or externally is critical (size range 1200mm wide to 1800mm wide).

French doors are a great addition to your home, whether they’re used to open up a previously separated room in the house or to open out into the garden.

They allow natural light to flow from rooms filled with sunlight to joining rooms that were in the past dull. Their ability to transmit light is often what attracts customers to these types of doors over standard types.

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